Strategic Planning

JRS Strategic Marketing will work with your senior management team to lead a company-level strategic planning process. The process starts with a detailed analysis of the internal and external environment and concludes with a strategic plan and a process for communicating the plan to the entire organization.  We can also work with you to update the plan each year as part of your organization’s annual planning cycle.

  • Internal situation assessment
    • Historical sales analysis
    • Company asset evaluation
    • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • External market landscape assessment
    • Competitive analysis
    • Market segmentation and sizing
    • Company positioning within market landscape
  • Identification of organizational objectives
  • Gap analysis
  • Development of strategic alternatives and associated business models
  • Selection of strategies and top-level organizational goals
  • Development of department-level goals in support of company strategic plan
  • Rollout of strategic plan to organization